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The B&H "Bohatněte Dobrem" Event

On April 5th, 2018, Butterflies & Hurricanes, held an event titled "Bohatněte Dobrem", which roughly translates as, Grow your inner richness through doing good.

Initially the idea behind the event was to mark the relaunch of our design studio on a new direction (see "The Butterflies & Huricanes Relaunch, What Does it Mean?"), but more in line with our purpose—to make the world better through design by helping helping companies reduce packaging waste—we decided to make it an event based on giving back, and make it fun!

A short video summary of the event, including statements from the speakers. (Video: Kundera TV)

In addition to presentations by B&H's own Michaela Thomas and Alan Thomas, we assembled four other business leaders and experts to give presentations to our clients, other designers, business people, and any interested members of the public.

The presentations were about the amazing and brave new directions being taken by purpose-driven business and their successes, as well as the tremendous opportunities being opened up by the circular economy, and how design plays a role in all of these.

There was also a social aspect to the event, there was a separate room with wonderful handmade Moroccan food, coffee and wine for socialising and networking.

Entrance to the "Teal Club" villa, where the event took place (Photo: Viktor Tuček)

An exerpt from the graphic form of the B&H manifesto, as it was displayed at the venue. (Photo: Viktor Tuček)

The event's presenter, Iva Kuchařová, introducing the first speaker. (Photo: Viktor Tuček)

And here she is, our very own Michaela Thomas, giving her keynote speech. (Photo: Viktor Tuček)

Martin Dokoupil and Nataša Foltánová from Tierra Verde, about to give a presentation of their company and it's products. (Photo: Viktor Tuček)

Sitting in the first row are (left to right): Soňa Jonášová, Tomáš Hajzler, Martin Dokoupil, Nataša Foltánová and Míša Thomas. (Photo: Viktor Tuček)

Jan Zeman, the founder and owner of the Zemanka bio-bakery, talking about what influenced him the most on his journey through life. (Photo: Viktor Tuček)

Tomáš Hajzler, a blogger, influencer and a man doing what he wants, making a case for living a good life in the consumer world. (Photo: Viktor Tuček)

Soňa Jonášová, the founder and director of INCIEN, talking about how doing good and making profit is not mutually exclusive. (Photo: Viktor Tuček)

The head of our CSR program, Alan Thomas, pictured here during his "Be Doctor Feel Good" presentation. (Photo: Viktor Tuček)

To see the presentations, visit our Youtube channel.

We had a full house of people, and the response was very positive. We are considering holding it as a regular event, if you would like this, or have suggestions of other speakers you would like to see and hear, please let us know!

Michaela Thomas is the owner and design director of Butterflies & Hurricanes. She is married, has three children and a BIG dog.





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