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The Butterflies & Huricanes Relaunch, What Does it Mean?

On April 5, 2018, we held “Bohatněte Dobrem”, an event in Prague to mark the relaunch of our design studio on a new direction.

This event was not so much a culmination of the changes as it was a sign post in the long and continuing process of redefining who we are as company, what we do, and the clients we choose.

This process began with our discovery of the sustainability business model several years ago at the dieline conference in Paris, which led us to a deep exploration of our values.

An excerpt from the graphic rendering of the B&H manifesto, which is available in it's entirety here.

So, what does the B&H relaunch mean?

  • It means that we have shifted our focus. We have put our rocket on a new trajectory.

  • It means that profit is no longer our top reason to exist as a business; our first concern is our Higher Purpose, and that guides all our decisions.

  • Our Higher Purpose is: To make the world better through design. We are a packaging design firm seeking to help companies reduce packaging waste. We help brands become a part of the solution to global problems by building social and environmental benefits into their brand.

  • We are now a values-based company, and consider all our decisions and actions through our shared values of humbleness, honesty, respect, responsibility, passion, courage, improvement, and generosity.

  • We are actively transitioning to the sustainability business model, which seeks to maximise the benefits for people, planet and profits in equal measure.

  • We are slowly moving away from designing packaging to designing for the circular economy, and consulting for companies to help make the transition easier and more beneficial to everyone.

  • We no longer see competition as a driving force for improvement, and replacing it with teamwork and collaboration.

  • We believe that it is no longer possible to see our design and branding work as separate from politics and activism.

  • We are developing our CSR program and intend to work with companies who also have CSR programs.

  • We are a member of Slušná firma, and have begun the long process of becoming a B. Corp member, and will perform our design and business activities according to the values and agreements of Slušna firma, and eventually, hopefully, B. Corporation.

  • We are developing a new form of client relationship based on shared-values and trust, and avoids the wasteful and inefficient pitching process.

  • We are attempting to stop participating in a shareholder, bottom-line system that is damaging to people, society and the planet.

  • We have reevaluated our pricing and contract procedures to reflect these principles.

  • We understand that this will be a never ending process of change and adaptation to new realities in design, the economy, and the purposes behind doing business.

Michaela Thomas is the owner and design director of Butterflies & Hurricanes. She is married, has three children and a BIG dog.





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