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Rajec: Paradise in the Eye of the Storm

More than a year ago, we did this study for Rajec water when water-color designs were still rare. We make it public now for the first time because it is an excellent example of the undigital trend, and brand story telling. old.

We feel this would be a wonderful design direction for our favorite water. Compare it to the current design below.

What do you think? Keep the old or go with the new? (Please VOTE in the comment section at the bottom of the page.)

* * *

The three elements that make this new design so compelling: 1) the texts, 2) the undigital element, and 3) brand storytelling.

1) The texts are important in this concept, as they add a level to the brand story. Also, though Rajec is also distributed in the Czech Republic, we believe to be authentic the texts should be in Slovak, as it is a Slovak brand.

2) The designs are undigital in that they were originally made by hand with watercolors and ink. This lends a soft natural feel that is easy on the eyes, and fits the concept of paradise.

3) The brand storytelling revolves around animals that live in valley of Rajecko - wolves, wild pigs, foxes, owls and deer. Each label captures a moment in the life of one of those animals, as if they were human, and we used typical Slovak people names.

The characters: Ferko the fox is the most clever animal in the valley. Samo and Ema are wolves howling at the moon. And Julka is a mother pig taking her piglets out for their first stroll through paradise.

To make them more sustainable, we would also like to see the bottles be made of bioplastic instead of PET, to help protect the paradise. Even better would be reusable bottles that can be refilled for many years, and give the animals longer lives, and extend the brand relationship.

The Point: The combination of undigital elements and brand storytelling can be combined to achieve a greater effect. See how pleasing and inviting these designs are to the eye. This design calls out to the customer: Pick me up from the shelf, enjoy me, take a little paradise home with you. Furthermore, it is a demonstration that we were ahead of the curve (as usual;-))

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Please Vote below: "Keep" to keep the old design, and "Change" to change to the new.





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