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Packaging Design to Solve 1st and 3rd World Problems

Packaging and pills. Here is a solution to all of your modern First World problems, which also helps to solve more severe, life-threatening, problems in the third world.

Modern Problems, we all have them:

  • My wifi is so slow, I think my neighbor has my password and is downloading movies.

  • My headphones are all tied in a knot, and I really wanted to listen to something on my way to lunch.

  • I’m in my bed, but the charging cable is too short for me to comfortably use my phone in my bed whilst it’s charging. WHY IS MY LIFE SO HARD?

  • OMG, I have a headache! My son is pitching a fit because they were out of Dave the Minion for his happy meal at McDonalds!

  • Argh! My diamond earrings keep scratching my iPhone.

  • My neighbor keeps parking his BMW over my dog’s favorite place to poop.

  • I went to Starbucks to order my usual grande decaf soy latte with caramel drizzle, but they messed up my order and gave me a TALL.

  • They were out of sugar free RedBull again this morning! How will I make it through the day?

  • Sob! They delivered my sushi lunch box without extra wasabi L

  • Immigrants on news again! My grandmother immigrated to Canada in 1968 to escape communist oppression, but these immigrants are from Africa!

But don't get yourself so down you get a headache. Due to the power of modern magnificence and the power of packaging design there is a pill for all your ills.

"First World Problem Pills are 100% peppermint and solve all your everyday dilemmas. They are also 100% placebo and 100% of the profit goes to AIDS Fonds’ aim to provide HIV medication to people who can’t afford it. Medication for medication that is." - First World Problem Store

“Nearly 22 million people worldwide don’t have access to HIV medication. Which results in many people still unnecessary dying from the results of AIDS. Nobody should die of aids because of lack of medication. The profits of these First World Problem Pills will be used by AIDS Fonds to provide people with access to HIV medication. These are medicine for medicine. Which means that our luxury problems can help solve a much bigger problem.” - First World Problem Store

But just because it is a placebo, does not mean it does nothing for you!

It allows you to acknowledge your first world problem, and feel grateful for it being a first world problem and not a third world problem, AND it helps people with third world problems get HIV/AIDS medicine they need.

Gratitude and generosity produce feelings of well-being, which can have anti-depressive and healing effects. So, though the peppermint pills do nothing medically, they can have a positive effect on your health.

In essence, this product is selling perspective. It is fun and it helps people like Cho above.

The Point: Packaging design can solve problems. This problem was lack of HIV/AIDS medication, and lack of people willing to give through traditional charities. This opens the door both ways.

FUN: If you want to see more of the kind of problems people Tweet, here is a link to a website with many many more First World Problems. Have fun

And here is a song for the road: Frank Black, Headache.





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