Inspiration and Mission: Podcasts by Jonathan Ford from Pearlfisher

Jonathan Ford’s series of podcasts Challengers & Icons are inspiring and energizing, and give me a big dose of courage each time I listen to one.

Deep down in my heart I respect the path Pearlfisher has taken, because it hasn’t always have been easy. Their mission inspires me. It is exactly in line with what I feel as a designer, design director, design studio owner, mother, and human being.

Pearlfisher's Mission: "We use the power of design to transform, seduce and create impact through positive change."

Who Pearlfisher designs for: "The most loved types of brands, Challengers & Icons. Challengers change the future with big ideas, and our role is to help them realise their potential and ambition. Icons hold a lot of emotion and meaning and our role is to nurture their specialness and help them stay ahead."

I was lucky enough to get to see an ambassador of Pearlfisher live in Paris at the Dieline Summit on the future of packaging design in November 2014. Jonathan Ford rocks! (See our summary post on his presentation on the B&H blog.)

I would like to share with you his great audio/video interviews with people who started companies, people who dare to change the world, people who are not small minded and follow higher purpose other than just making the profits (which seems to have become a mantra in recent years).

Challengers & Icons Podcast . (also available on iTunes.) Pearlfisher.

Everything’s possible! :)