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Some of Our Recent Designs

Authenticity, fun, transparency, sustainability, service and heavenly elegance. This post showcases some of our recent work and design directions.

First, our redesign of one of the Big Three: Royal Crown (a.k.a. RC) cola. The original 1905 recipe with the real cane sugar and the stevia-sweetened "slim" version, both in reusable and recyclable glass, not plastic.

For authenticity we spent time in Columbus, Georgia, USA, studying the history of the drink, and had our very own Danda Horáčková create oil paintings from original photographs for this design that is set to transform cola design.

The bottles are small, 250 ml, which encourages moderation, and the label also encourages people to slowdown and have a moment of mindfulness.

Just for comparison, here is what it looked like before.

Second, here is our redesign of Zemanka's Bio cookies. Here the elements were that healthy snacks are also fun snacks.

Transparency is important to Zemanka, when you buy these cookies you can see the actual product you are getting, not a photoshopped image of the cookies. Furthermore, to reduce waste, the labels are printed on recycle paper, which is more sustainable.

The design is has only the essential information to cut through cognitive overload, a service to stressed and busy shoppers.

Also for Zemanka, we did their Vegan snack bars, colorful, fun, easily differentiated.

We also did espresso and spreads packaging.

Third, is our design for all the chocolate fantasy lovers, Modré z nebe, for Orion.

Again, notice only the essential information is presented on the cover, because when you need chocolate, that is all you need to see. The embossed texture increases the experience.

In our design photographs of the chocolate are not photoshopped so that the shopper gets an honest representation of the product.

Throughout our design process we use empathy, compassion, long-term thinking and our young, forward-thinking team to find small ways we can empower and serve people better, as well as the interests of our clients. This is the added value that Butterflies & Hurricanes brings to our clients and their brands.

Thank you for having a look. If you have any questions or comments please use the comment section below or find us on Facebook.

We have more sustainable designs coming on the market soon, plus a whole new website!







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