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24.3.2016 Termination of our work for Penam

We want to declare–by this statement–our stance towards our now-former client. As mothers and entrepreneurs, who create working opportunities and feed families, we’ve been postponing this move for a long time.

We perceived Penam as a client, through whom we may - ač smyšlenkami a politikou majietele společnosti nesouhlasíme - spread our philosophy by visually cultivating the czech consumer and raising awareness of sustainability, in which we believe. That’s also why we kept working for Penam up until now.

Our patience though, ran out with the latest cause of “Čapí hnízdo” (Storch’s nest). We’re letting it be known, that we are terminating our work for this client.

Because our philosophy is fair business and the ethics which go along with it, we require moral credibility from our clients, and also that they benefit our country and world, thus we can no longer collaborate with Penam, which doesn’t share these values, thanks to it’s owner. We won’t contribute our work and skills to support an entrepreneur and politician, who not only creates an environment, which makes our work more difficult, by proposing legislature which puts smaller entrepreneurs in danger of going out of bussiness, but is also himself commiting a criminal fraud, shaming our country within the EU in the process.

We regret our decision because of all the people on the level of brand management with whom we’ve made acquitances, and who go about their work, led by their own sense of responsibility.

This open letter is not meant to draw attention to us, we would like to inspire colleagues from other fields, not to work for clients, whose conduct is not ethical, and not to be afraid of speaking out. Money is not everything, and even us, middle-class entrepreneurs and people, who significantly contribute to our country’s growing prosperity, have a right to express our stance on the people who should be our moral leaders and create laws which give way to suitable conditions for our bussinesses, who are instead failing utterly in this role.

From Butterflies & Hurricanes

Michaela Thomas and Katarína Paurová

Butterflies & Hurricanes' ethical code





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