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Take A Nature Walk with Our New Lučina Design

After nearly two years of work*, our Lučina cream cheese project is now public. In this post we share some of the undigital, intuitive and customer-centric elements that make our new design dynamic and effective.

Meet the new Lučina family of products. Notice the hint of feminine chaos and clear differentiation while maintaining clear brand cohesion.

A combination of logo, photography, illustration, undigital elements – and a touch of poetry to bring out the emotion – all mix together synergistically to make this design come alive and radiate energy and healthiness.

Compare the previous design (above), to the new one below. Notice the subtlety, and depth, of the changes. But it is still instantly recognizable as our favorite Czech cream cheese.

It starts with the traditional Lučina block (above), the cornerstone of the brand: The shape and minimal packaging that stands for simplicity and goodness, that is not going away.

From there it expands into several delightful flavor variations (below).

The light green (in hand-painted watercolor) indicates the lightness and healthiness of the reduced-salt child version.

The light sky-blue for that comforting and familiar yogurt taste.

The color of Křen.

The savoriness of ham. (Customer-centricity: What Czech cheese spread would be complete without ham?)

For the customers who like that healthy vegetable crunch, this design – not to mention the spread itself – echoes loudly with crunchy freshness.

​Most importantly this design has my heart in it. If you truly believe in the product it will show in your designs. (I feed my kids Lučina, too!)

The Point: If you don't believe in a product, don't design for it. And if you do believe in a product, be in touch with those feelings, explore them and put them into the design, because other people –customers – have those same feelings, and your designs will reach them on a deeper level.

* Interesting Note: Would you believe it took nearly two years to do this redesign? We learned a lot during this long process. More than anything it was the fact, that men and women have very different visual languages. Lučina’s main buyers are women, so we decided to pick this delicate feminine style of water colours, hand written fonts and gave the typography an irregular layout. But what was most interesting to watch was how difficult it was for the top decision makers (usually men) to digest – and they still took some of intuitive elements and feminine chaos out of the designs. (If you would like us to further explore this dynamic leave a note in the comments section below. If enough people want it we will do it.)

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