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Undigital Digest: 3 Beautiful Examples of the trend

A digest of three undigital designs you might have missed over the summer. This is a trend that is still growing.

Stony Creek Beer

We simply adore this design by the Response Marketing Group agency.

Elements that make this design stand-out:

  • The soft color and visual texture of the background.

  • Heavy use of hand-drawn illustration.

  • Two-color designs (not counting the background and black text).

  • The colors capture the feelings of the seasons, and reflect the unique flavors of the beer.

  • The overlapping and layered images make these labels an engaging experience. They aren't so much seen, as they are entered into and explored.




See the original post on the Dieline here.

* * *

Dr. Feelgood

No, it's not a British pub rock band front he 70s, it's Dr. Feelgood ice pops! The packaging was designed by Brandwagon and Todd Yonge, with Melanie Bridge from Dr Feelgood.

The packaging was designed to fit the brand ethos - homemade, fun, intelligent and approachable.

Each flavor has its own "personality", but remain recognizable as a family.

The ice pops themselves are highly designed, and are a healthier choice as they have no refined sugar, gluten, allergens, and no preservatives or colorants.

The packaging is made from sustainable cardboard, and is recyclable.

Dr. Feelgood’s website. See the original post on Packaging of the World.

* * *

Bee's Wrap

This last one isn’t technically packaging. However, it does have an undigital design and ethos, and is a return to the pre-digital days when food was wrapped in wax paper.

Bee's Wrap is an alternative to plastic wrap for food storage, and therefore helps people use less plastics in their kitchen.

It is made with beeswax, GOTS certified cotton, organic jojoba oil and tree resin. It is washable in cool water and it is reusable. And it comes in several colors and designs.

The antibacterial properties of beeswax and jojoba oil help keep food fresh, better than plastic wrap, but also helps with consumers' growing concerns about the health safety of plastic, as well as the many environmental problems associated with it.

And the Bee's Wrap packaging, designed by Stitch Design Co, is undigital and authentic, and is also made from recycled materials and is recyclable.

(Disclosure: Bee's wrap will soon be available in the Czech Republic and Slovakia through my new company Live Love & Prosper.)

* * *

The Point: Most of our Potravinys are harsh, bright often uncomfortable experiences that make people want to leave as soon as possible. Shops, with a little bit of design, and filled with products with packaging such as these are more inviting and comfortable, and shoppers tend to spend more time in the store. Furthermore, because of the soft worn-looking textures, it makes it easier to use recycled paper and card stock for the packaging.

Kind Request: If you have enjoyed this post, please share it with someone else who may appreciate it. Thank you so, so much! - Miša

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