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Live Love & Prosper: Sustainability with Style

Live Love & Prosper is a new company to provide practical, well-designed and affordable options for people who want to shop, live, and consume sustainably, while helping others via charities. Design thinking for beauty, practicality and sustainability are at the heart of our vision.

Brand Storytelling, Undigital style: This is our character, her name is Lolo Prosper. She is a little bit magical, a little mischievous, and very clever, but most of all she cares about people, the environment, and business in equal measure.

Lolo's Facebook, Lolo's Twitter: @LoloProsper

She will offer products that have been up-cycled, that utilize new technologies, and which are made from sustainable resources such as bamboo, bio-plastic, and recycled plastic. Also things from local designers.

Lolo wants to be an ecological angel, but, like most of us, know it is hard with three kids in a consumerist society. Sometimes she makes mistakes, but is always looking for good ways to save water, use less plastic, help people, and live sustainably.

Lola is at the heart of our demonstration of brand storytelling. Her Twitter handle is @LoloProsper, and here is her Facebook page.

LL&P's Vision:

A healthy, generous society based on a circular economy where design is king, waste is a thing of the past, and it is comfortable, easy and affordable for all of us to practice “sustainable consumption” and generosity in our everyday lives.

Lolo loves rainbows! She will help guide customers to the right sustainable solutions to choose from. She is about choice now, rather requirement for when the inevitable laws come.

LL&P's Mission:

To improve all of our lives, health and prosperity by promoting sustainable consumerism, good design and generosity by providing options for people to shop and live sustainably with comfort and style, and help others in the process.

Some of the things she has found that she wants to share are well designed tools to save water. (See drought in Czech Republic: one, two, three.)

LL&P's Design Principles: Lolo chooses products which:

  • Are designed with the user in mind, their needs and desires, and excitement about new technologies that solve problems;

  • Are sustainably designed, with the whole life of the product and its post-life uses in mind;

  • Have a high level of aesthetic and functional design; they are beautiful in vision and cleverness of design;

  • Are high quality and durable; products are not clever junk, but innately useful for making sustainable living easier;

  • Have an UnDigital element of human touch, care, and love for the craft and user;

  • Are a positive step towards creating a circular economy.

The Point: The more people say it is impossible, the more I want to do it. The undigital trend and brand-storytelling are still growing strong. The next big thing, Giving Back.

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Live Love & Prosper is my new project:

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Lolo likes dogs and rainbows.

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I want to sleep on a rainbow!

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