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The Emperor's New Clothes, Australian Style

From the Dieline, a sign your grandmother was probably right, in more ways than one (except for that time she confused the mobil phone you gave her with the TV remote and changed her mind instead of the channel). That knowledge this basic needed packaging design and an ad campaign to be rediscovered, is probably an indication of just* how crazy the world has become. But it certainly leads to some cool designs!

just* cleaning products are an example of how design and design thinking can solve any kind of problem. Even problems as psychological as undoing a half century of consumerist brainwashing. You can practically smell the revolution in the air.

The Leo Burnett agency in Sydney, Australia, came up with this brilliant inversion of the old "Emperor's New Clothes" concept for WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature). In fact there is something kind of PUNK about this whole campaign that seems to say:

"Hey, you know all those chemical cleaners in plastic bottles you were convinced to buy until you thought you needed them? The ones that poisoned your house and family and whose containers will still be around polluting the ground, water and air when your grandchildren are old? We'll you never needed them in the first place!"

Yeah, because really all you needed was the packaging!

"Make your own Mouthwash."

But sometimes it is the punks who snap us out of a boxed-in mindset. This is a campaign about making people stop for a second and just* . . . . think.

"Make your own glass cleaner"

If enough people change their thinking, the world will change. It must.

The Take/Make/Waste mindset of the old linear economy, which dates back to the Industrial Revolution, is unsustainable. It must give way to a new model: the circular economy.

Source: the dieline

The Point: Design changes minds. I am a designer, a problem solver. Packaging may indeed disappear, but problems will not. Butterflies & Hurricanes is a design studio. We are preparing for the coming changes. Is your company? We all have blind spots. What is it you are not seeing?





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