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Has A Mistake Been Made?

While doing my Monday morning rounds to check on the state of packaging in Prague (a practice that often fills me with despair at the low quality of design on the Czech market and its lack of progressiveness), this jumped off the shelf and practically punched me in the eye. I had to buy it and share it with our dear clients.

Finally a brand on the Czech market that is up to date on packaging design trends in the more design-developed countries!

This design has a number of elements that make it fresh.

  • The texture of the paper (see below) and the softness of the print tones gives it an element of the UnDigital.

  • It has elements of Brand Story (see below) in this case simple history, but it is better than no story at all. (It would need a central character created to represent the brand for it to fully have the benefits of a brand story). At least it places itself in place time and history.

There is something classic about it that truly makes it stand out on the shelf, especially when it is surrounded by highly digital and stylized designs.

  • There is lots of clean space, so it does not increase complexity for the consumer by making it easier to read and focus on the important information (see Consumers and Cognitive Load). This is another aspect of UnDigital designs.

  • All these elements come together to give it a little bit of soul, which is something

people crave in these digitally soulless times.

Now look at the same product in their more traditional packaging for the same product.

Which design do you think is a better fit for a classically designed, textured and modern Bohemian city like Prague?

Which design is more likely to get visually lost on a shelf full of brightly colored and crowded designs?

The Point: We are happy that the understanding of these new trends is beginning to catch on in the

Czech Republic. We hope that they spread to further acceptance. They reduce eye-overload on the consumer, and reduce visual smog. We all have to visit the potraviny often, they should be places that are pleasant to go, but most are not. Shops and brands will benefit from increased sales, and conusmers might just stay in shops longer.


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