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Why is design this cool not on the Czech Market?

Staropramen has a new, beautifully designed, limited edition can in Ukraine. We want to know why the people of the Czech Republic can't get such tasteful and high quality designs? Furthermore, this brand design is good because it has elements of Brand Storytelling.

The Staropramen brand is "Prague" itself. This design takes that as far as it can, including elements of historical architecture, art, and design. Each can is from a different artistic era of Prague’s history, which adds to the pleasure of having a few beers the depth and soulfulness of a historical journey through the culture that produced the beer.

This design contains elements of Brand Storytelling: On the back of each can are brief descriptions of Prague legends. In this case Prague is the main character and its history the plot. This does not meet all the criteria for a Brand Story, but does enough to extend the experience of the drinker. (See a similar beer-brandstory concept on The Bastard Children Of The British Empire in this post.)

The cans, when lined up and rotated, spell out PRAHA, which greatly increases the already strong product differentiation. It also shows that breaking rules about brand design consistency, is now the new rule. (See also KFC`s radical rebranding in Australia)

Most of all this is a perfect example of bringing great packaging design and rebranding to people, and we applaud Staropramen Ukraine’s courage and its embrace of 21st Century branding ideals.

OK, we understand a design selling "Prague" would not work for Czechs in Prague––especially because of how the rest of the Czech Republic feels about Prague. But here my point is NOT the content or subject of the design, but the quality.

Instead, what we got in Prague was this:

And then this:

Both of which are so digitally polished that they lack soul.

But, even those aren't as bad as the dreaded PENIS cans. (Somewhere a designer is laughing until he wets his pants.)

So what is it about Czech companies and managers, that makes them think that good design is not for this market? Why are Czechs condescending to their own people?

Another can BBDO, Ukraine, did for the Ukrainian and Russian markets (above).

If you have an answer please write to us, in Czech or English, in the comments section below.


See the original post on Packaging of the World, here.





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