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Three Fun Designs that Demonstrate Current Trends in Packaging Design

First is an example of the UnDigital trend, the second is a clever use of color and positioning to communicate a brand’s message, and the third is an example of Customer-Centricity and Story-Driven Design.

1. Don't You Weep! Tissues, was designed by Hugo Santos as a student project for a Communication Design course in Porto, Portugal. He transformed a product linked with sadness into an encouraging solace.

In addition, it is also a good example of an UnDigital design, with a more hand crafted feel, and visual hand- and eye-friendly texture. (See also Further Evidence of a Trend)

“It was decided to create a tissue box, an object that is usually linked to sadness, that when closed doesn't look more than just an ordinary tissue box but inside, as a communication support, the tissues have motivational quotes printed in silkscreen with a fluorescent orange, a color that is recognized to symbolize and transmit energy and joy.” – (Packaging of the World)

The uplifting quotations on the tissues are silkscreened, which allows for the realness of the imperfect – very UnDigital.

(See the original post with more pictures and description on Packaging of the World here: Don't You Weep! Tissues.)

* * *

2. Dr Hart Medicines, use visual wit to bring a doctor to your medicine cabinet. Designed by Ampro Design Consultants for Sensiblu, Ad Pharma to portray the values: “Responsibility, Seriousness, Competence, Compassion Personality: Empathetic, Trustworthy, Strong, Efficient.” –(Packaging of the World)

The wit isn’t necessarily seen when a box is standing individually directly in front of the viewer, but becomes clear when seen next to each other on the shelf. But then you see him, the “Friendly, yet competent, easy to recognize and reliable” doctor in a white robe, right there on the shelf to help relieve your symptoms.

The white box with the primary-colored print and tie give good shelf block, and the freedom to use as many colors as there are product variations.

(See the original post with more picture on Packaging of the World here: Dr. Hart.)

* * *

3. Frooti Mango Drink, “one of the largest and oldest mango juice brands in India” was redesigned by sagmeister & walsh with packaging by Pentagram agency.

This demonstrates an element of customer centricity, because sagmeister & walsh “sourced the bright, bold and playful color palette used throughout the campaign from the bright colors of the Indian culture, making sure the visuals would stand out in the crowded advertising landscape of the region.”

They “were able to create a miniature world revolving around a series of eye-catching juice boxes, cleverly arranging tiny people in participation with the product.” This really stood out in India where billboard campaigns tend to be text-heavy straightforward images.

Furthermore, this campaign was about communication, and that is done best by story. That is why Brand Story videos are all the rage these days.* Therefore the designs show “scaled models of vehicles, people and plant life interact with the Frooti packaging and mangos (kept full-scale) allowing the two objects to identify as the ‘hero’ of the story assembled in each shot.”

(See the original post with gifs and more pictures on designboom, all quotations above are from that page.)

*For more on using Story-Driven Design as a communication tool see our post on Leland Maschmeyer’s Dieline Summit presentation Accelerating Brand Growth Through Story-Driven Design.

Examples of brand story videos:

  • Chipotle Brand story The Scarecrow

  • ‪The Green & Black's Maya Gold story

  • ‪LEGO® Brand The LEGO Story

Butterflies & Hurricanes has a friend Honza Kundera at Kundera.TV who makes Brand Story Videos. If you need a Brand Story video, and you do, he's your man.





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